World's first boat with a motor for drive and steering

The VectorDrive is very versatile. This allows vehicles to be constructed with just one engine. This is a real innovation worldwide and will be demonstrated below.

Only one motor is needed. The steering forces are generated by this one propeller on the engine. The propeller is a simple one-blade propeller and has no moving parts. How the vector propeller works is explained here.

Bild "Boat_ESC.jpg"
                Foto: Dirk Brunner; Lizenz: CC BY SA 3.0
The technology demonstration shows a watercraft or airboat with the VectorDrive. For this purpose, a simple fuselage was cut out of an EPP plate and the car attached to it. The way it works is identical to the car.

Bild "boat_car.jpg"
                Foto: Dirk Brunner; Lizenz: CC BY SA 3.0

Precise control with just one motor

The boat can be steered precisely. Due to the slow speed of the propeller, the boat is very quiet and comfortable to drive. With a few optimizations of the hull shape, a boat can be built with only one motor, which can be driven in an extremely wide speed range. From very slow to a "low flight" over water.

Bild "boat_driving.jpg"
                Foto: Dirk Brunner; Lizenz: CC BY SA 3.0

Boat with recuperation brake for propellers

The motor controller is programmed so that the battery is charged when braking. The overall efficiency is high thanks to this recuperation brake.

Advantages of this drive system

The advantages of this drive system are obvious:
  • Extremely few components to build a fully controllable vehicle
  • No complex mechanics required for the steering
  • High efficiency through recuperation
  • One drive module for different applications
  • Very powerful

In addition to the boat and car, there are countless other applications, such as in the drone area. Some are already in research. Let yourself be surprised.

If you know any use cases yourself or are interested in the technology, please get in touch.